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Rental Cargo and Utility Trailers for Every Occasion

Buying a new trailer can be difficult. It's best to start preparing for this sooner rather than later and buy a trailer that will satisfy your needs early enough.

The key is finding the right trailer for your needs and not wasting time or money on a bad option. The good news is there are plenty of dump trailers, utility trailers, equipment haulers, deckovers, and enclosed trailers out there to pick from. 

The bad news is that sorting through all the models out there can be daunting. With so many brands claiming to have the best product, which do you trust? Trailers Direct offers a whole host of quality dump trailers, utility trailers, equipment haulers, trailer parts, and flatbed trailers for sale.

We offer a wide range of trailers to suit your needs. We have pallet trailers, flatbed trailers, dump and cargo trailers, and various types of day/weekend use trailers. Trailers Direct has the perfect trailer for your needs. Trailers Direct is a premier trailer rental service in Cabot, AR with a huge variety of trailers available for any job. We offer trailers for any occasion at affordable prices!

Pick your trailer type

We have many different trailer types to suit your needs. From enclosed trailers to dump trailers, cargo trailers, flatbed trailers, Doolittle and utility trailers, and more!

Quality you can trust

We offer various levels of trailer quality, ensuring you get your money's worth. We offer different levels of trailer quality to suit everyone's budget and needs. From high-quality trailers with all the bells and whistles at a low price to basic trailers that are perfect for those on a budget, we have something for everyone!

Straightforward pricing

It's simple - we offer competitive prices on all our trailers for sale or trailers for rent. This ensures that you are getting the best deal possible while also being able to enjoy peace of mind.

Find the best fit with our filters

Browse our inventory with ease by filtering through different criteria on our convenient website - browse by country, trailer type, dimensions, experience level, and more!

Want to customize your trailer?

We can help you customize your trailer with extended features like ramps & shelving. Plus, our customer service is always available for you 24/7!

Easy payment plans

Save money on your trailer rentals by paying in installments. We also offer leasing options, so you can get the trailer of your dreams without the hassle of buying it upfront.


*5’X10’ CARGO- $50 PER DAY/$250 PER WK/$750 PER MO
*6’X12’ CARGO- $60 PER DAY/$300 PER WK/$900 PER MO
*7’X14’ CARGO- $70 PER DAY/$350 PER WK/$1050 PER MO
*7’X16’ CARGO- $80 PER DAY/$400 PER WK/$1200 PER MO
*8.5’X16’ CARGO- $85 PER DAY/$425 PER WK/$1275 PER MO
*8.5’X20’ CARGO- $95 PER DAY/$475 PER WK/$1475 PER MO

*72”X12’ DUMP 10K- $80 PER DAY/$400 PER WK/$1200 PER MO
*82”X14’ DUMP 14K- $105 PER DAY/$525 PER WK/$1575 PER MO

*77"X12’ SS- $45 PER DAY/$225 PER WK/$675 PER MO
*77”X16’ PIPETOP- $60 PER DAY/$300 PER WK/$900 PER MO

Equipment Trailers
*84”X18’ CF- $70 PER DAY/$350 PER WK/$1050 PER MO
*82*X22’ XTREME- $80 PER DAY/$400 PER WK/$1200 PER MO
*82”X22’ EZ LOADER- $95 PER DAY/$475 PER WK/$1850 PER MO
*82“x22’ EZ LOADER 16k- $125 PER DAY/$625 PER WK/$1850 PER MO

One Rental Day is Equal to 24 Hours.

Call for Weekly Pricing or to Check the Availability and Reserve a Trailer.